There is no reason that contemporary classical music should not have a much greater audience than it does today. We need to carve out a bigger creative space for it, and I intend to be a part of that change.”

— Marcus Moon

Marcus, I could not be more moved by your example, the work and the commitment to bring about your vision and communicate that with the world. We need a lot more of you in the world—thanks for your light!”

Kimberlee Dray, Violinist

Wistful Moon (Official Music Video)

Recent Praise for Marcus Moon

Marcus Moon Lifts Our Spirits With Wedding Waltz - BuzzMusic
The piano forward ballad that “Wedding Waltz,” embodies is quite elegant with plenty of room to allow the bliss in your imagination to travel as the arrangement does. Creating a roller coaster-like effect with the way the composition travels from start to finish, Marcus Moon radiates his talents as we take in all he has to offer as a composer."
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Marcus Moon Marries The Present With The Past  - A&R Music Factory 
"The refined decadence in the lead single ‘Wedding Waltz’ is the aural equivalent to slipping into a Jane Austen novel; it’s grandiose without becoming theatrical. Instead, through his command of vivid melodies, Marcus Moon is able to paint a neo-classic portrait which evokes emotion instead of forcing emotion upon you." 
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Moonstruck - Resilience Spelled Out On A Piano  - Music Dances When You Sleep  
"The calming, elegant melody is soaked in thought and understanding, as much as it is loving and forward-oriented. Resolving gracefully around it's classical core, the composition is as universal as any creation of the classical titans of the past.."  
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The Moon Represents My Heart  - Nagamag    
"Through a divine, unearthly vocal performance and a lush of gently harmonies , with his new song -The Moon Represents My Heart- Marcus Moon deliver cinematic emotions of a beautiful world that reflects inside us." 
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Wistful moon  - Leech Music   
"He got the talent to talk to our soul and awake our inner imagination to create a vivid picture that’s beautiful and makes us happy. His classical music is a modern-day society medicine we need for our inner peace."
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