2,000,000 Ears & Some Hearts Too!

2,000,000 Ears... & Some Hearts Too!

Dear friends across the globe. How are you all doing? My wishes are that you are happy, healthy, and enjoying the summer (winter for those of you down under!) with friends and family. I try to spend a lot of time outdoors here in beautiful British Columbia. How about you?

I write you with an exciting update. Since you last heard from me I have gone and become a millionaire. No, not in dollars and cents, but in something more precious than what money can buy. I have earned millionaire status in the numbers of ears, minds and hearts that tune into my music. Less than 6 months after the release of my debut album, Letters From The Moon, it has been streamed over ONE MILLION TIMES on Spotify alone. Wow.

The stat that really blows my mind, though, is that over 14,000 (!) Spotify listeners have saved one of my songs to their personal collection of favourites, so that they can listen to it again later. To me this means that I am not only reaching ears, but also some hearts. Double wow!

I guess this is where I am supposed to write that I could not even dream of this. Well, that would not be true. Of course I dreamt it! Nothing big happens without being preceded by a big dream. Or in other words, and to paraphrase Albert Einstein, your imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions. I always loved that idea.

I really believed that I could reach people with my music, and now that I really am, I feel deep gratitude and satisfaction.

Thank you everyone for listening!

Don't Miss My Music Video Collection

If you have been following me for a while you know that I love combining my music with my own video productions. I actually plan to make music videos for all of the tracks on the album. Once completed, they will make up a nice video version of the album. So far, I am up to 7 music videos and I just started on my eighth that I should have out within a couple weeks... hopefully. Hey, it's summer, things move a little slower in the heat. :) 

For your convenience I have created a page on my website where you can find all of my published videos in chronological order.

Marcus Moon - Official Music Videos

Of course, you can also find me on my YouTube channel. I always appreciate your support of my music and videos there through likes, comments and subscribing!

Marcus Moon on YouTube

Until Next Time

Thank you for reading. Just knowing I have supporters out there inspires me to do more. New music will arrive one day, too. When it will happen is too soon to say, but I am indeed starting to get the itch to create again!

With lots of love always, 


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