My name is Marcus Moon

"And so long as you haven't experienced 
this: to die and so to grow, 
you are only a troubled guest 
on the dark earth."
- Goethe

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marcus Moon. 

I am not really a musician, I hardly even think of myself as a composer. First and foremost I am an artist and a storyteller. I write music without words, but like the great singer/songwriters that I have listened to all my life, my passion is to tell stories. Stories of universal human experiences, stories that we have all lived through merely by being human, and thus in a beautiful way make up the cosmic glue that connects us all. 

I am not interested in showing off any compositional skills (believe me, they are quite basic). For me, creating music is not about sophisticated techniques or any grandiose instrumentation. I do not judge any music I write on the merits of being flawless from a standpoint of music theory, but only if it expresses what is in my heart. When I create, I try to check my ego at the door in service of a higher purpose of art, music, love. This is what ultimately makes us all connect.

I actually know a few things about ego and the quest for perfection in an academic sense. For years I worked as a research scientist at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. As you know, science is about seeking absolute knowledge, and, indeed, I collected a lot of intellectually fascinating facts, and published them in highly esteemed scientific magazines. But what did I really learn about myself? This fundamental question is what prompted me to leave a promising academic career. Did I want to spend all my time searching for scientific explanations of everything? There was still so much to discover about just being a human, about being me. To put it into other words, I felt that life was not meant to be understood, it was meant to be lived, to be experienced. On the inside as much as on the outside. 

It’s been quite a few years now since I left academia. It hasn’t exactly been a straight path for me, but via some detours I have arrived at a place where I feel more connected with my true self than ever before. To have made that journey from scientist to the heart-driven artist (heartist!) that I am becoming now, well, I feel like I might as well have gone to the Moon. Along the way I have learned something real about myself, and about the human spirit, and that is what I hope to share and express through my music. 

So, I will continue to tell my story, and if I am so blessed, I will be able do it so well that you will lend an ear to what I have to say. Please stick around, listen to my music stories, and maybe, just maybe, you will be inspired to reflect on your own higher purpose on this Earth.

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